Shipping & Delivery

1. Usually shipment will be made immediately upon the success of payment or order confirmation. Generally, we may take up to 3 days for shipment packaging and delivery may take between 7 days and up to 14 days, varies depending on the location, stock, and product availability.

2. Shipment via the logistic company, a shipment tracking number will be provided upon initiation of delivery.

3. Tracking can be made via or the local logistic company where provided.

Why is my tracking number not working?

There are a few reasons why the tracking number for your order is not working:

  • The logistics partner or seller has provided the wrong tracking number
  • The tracking number has not been updated on the logistics partner’s tracking website yet
  • A system error has occurred on the logistics partner’s tracking website

When this happens, you may reach out to our CS to track your order’s delivery status or request for the right tracking number.